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Spa-Like Bathroom Remodel │ DreamMaker of Huntsville

5 Design Tips for a Spa-Style Bathroom Remodel


Spa-Like Bathroom RemodelA spa isn’t just for hotels, cruises, and other get-away retreats. Follow our remodeling tips to create a spa-style bathroom. This way, you bring the spa to your home with every shower or bath.

Spa-Like Bathroom Design Ideas


1. Large Tiles


A spa is all about evoking feelings of calm and serenity. Therefore, we recommend large, neutral-colored tiles for making the space feel less cluttered and chaotic. The larger tiles can just make up the walls or also encompass the surface of a built-in tub.


2. Glass Wall


If creating a spa-like atmosphere for the master bathroom, then we recommend swapping out the bathroom door with a glass divider and a supplemental pull-down curtain for privacy. The glass wall enlarges the space and extends the tranquility of the bathroom to the bedroom.


3. Large Soaking Bath


Make the tub the centerpiece by opting for a large ceramic bath. Complement this with large double-hung windows fitted with café-style curtains. Complete the touchup with honed marble tiles for a finished look that resembles a 1920s-luxury hotel bathroom.


4. Slipper Tub


A slipper tub rises higher at one end, allowing the user to recline. This is ideal for a spa. Most slipper tubs, though, are rather simplistic in design, so we suggest enhancing the area by opting for additional accent pieces like colorful glass sconces, pendant lighting, and beaded board walls.


5. Earthly Colors


Earthly colors like brown and green evoke a relaxing mood. Use these colors throughout and add open shelving. Use woven baskets for adding to the mood while also hiding excess clutter.

We’ll Create the Ideal Spa-Like bathroom


We believe the bathroom should be a place for you to relax. Our team knows of many design schemes for creating this type of ambiance. DreamMaker of Huntsville can create a spa-like bathroom to turn this section of your home into your own personal retreat.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

Spa-Like Designs for Residential Bathrooms

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