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Pink Bathroom │ DreamMaker of Huntsville

Design Ideas for a Pink Bathroom

pink bathroomWe realize that a nearly all pink bathroom may not sit well with some of the men in the household. However, this design scheme may work well for a girl’s in-bedroom bathroom. A redesigned bathroom just might encourage your young daughter to take pride in her room as a whole.

Four Pink Bathroom Designs

1. Pink Vanity

A pink vanity is certainly a bold move. This certainly makes a statement. Since pink is such an eclectic color, consider balancing the room by using some neutral colors, such as white or beige. You can also go a bit further and use pink tiles or wallpaper for the vanity-facing wall.

2. Pink Mosaic Tiles

Use miniature tiles to create a mosaic design scheme. Use a tone-on-tone palette of various pink shades. The mosaic tiles can encompass the entire bathroom or just a single section, such as the side with the shower.

3. Go for Peach

Is pink too bold for you? In that case, we suggest peach tiles or vanity. Peach is a safer color and closer to a neutral palette. If you would still like to incorporate pink, then consider pink accessories, such as pink shower curtains or a pink toothbrush holder.

4. Consider Rose Pink

Another color consideration is rose pink, also known as muted warm pink. This color is a lighter shade, not very different from peach. This color goes well with traditional and historical places, and is a mainstay in Victorian-inspired designs. This color fits nicely with vintage and antique bathroom accessories.

We’ll Turn Your Bathroom Pink

Aside from a pink bathroom, DreamMaker of Huntsville can even do pink kitchens. The latter might be suitable for an all-female-occupied residence. See our gallery for inspiration. It doesn’t contain any pink bathrooms, but it might kick start your imagination about possible design schemes.

Creative Bathroom Design Schemes

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