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Kitchen Coffee Shop Design │ DreamMaker of Huntsville

Design a Kitchen Coffee Shop For Your Home

kitchen coffee shopSome people just love the cozy setting of a cafe. With a little work, you can create a kitchen coffee shop in your home. A kitchen that mimics the look of your local Starbucks brings about an “all are welcome” ambiance.

Kitchen Coffee Shop Design Ideas

1. Add Greenery

Not all cafés use plants for décor. Some local shops, though, incorporate plenty of potted plants and vines that crawl along the walls. You can actually keep the plants healthy by feeding them some coffee compost.

2. Use Mugs as Display

Display your mugs on kitchen island countertops. You can also hang them overhead or place them in a door-less cabinet or in one with a glass door. Mugs come in various designs and artwork, so you have plenty of options here. You can even display mason jars, since some local shops serve coffee in a glass jar.

You can also show off your coffee beans the same way. Keep them in their original package or display them inside glass containers.

3. Display a World Map

Hang a map on the wall or use wallpaper that shows the globe. Why? Coffee in some iteration or another is available in just about every country. 62 countries even have a Starbucks.

4. Display Books

People hardly go to a café just to sip coffee alone. They are either using the Wi-Fi or reading. This is why you should strategically place books around the kitchen. Use hardbacks with fancy photography or artwork. Books directly about coffee are a smart choice.

We do Theme-Specific Renovations

Our team can remodel a room with a theme in mind. Upon completion, you can add the finishing touches with small décor and other adjustments. Contact DreamMaker of Huntsville today to implement a coffee shop design for the kitchen.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

Theme-Specific Kitchen Remodeling

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